Dave Thomas Packs It In As Guest Editor

Well all, I'm out of here. It has been a heckuva two weeks here at Jalopnik but Spinelli returns from Italy tonight and I think he wants me out of his seat. I've really enjoyed coming to the other side of the mega-blogging war and seeing what it was all about. The crew here has their sh*t together I can tell you that.… » 5/05/06 6:49pm 5/05/06 6:49pm

Nav, Movies, Music And Kitchen Sink Found In New Gadget

Those gadget loving freaks at Gizmodo have another awesome piece of automotive necessity. By necessity we mean anything with a LCD screen in a car should be standard equipment. The only problem is that this little baby that can play MP3s, movies, control audio devices and has navigation too (wow!) will only be… » 5/05/06 4:52pm 5/05/06 4:52pm

The Geeks Inherit The Track

After numerous tips flooding our inbox about an electric racer that can beat the Bugatti Veyron we decided to get off our asses and post about it. Apparently, dot.commers are investing in lots of new businesses including boutique carmakers. Ian Wright, an entrepreneur from New Zealand, has crafted a race car that runs… » 5/05/06 3:41pm 5/05/06 3:41pm

Tom Cruise Pilots Saleen Mustang Through NYC

If you watch Access Hollywood as much as we do (just Spinelli really) you would have seen Tom Cruise's crazy tour of New York City the other day as he visited three premieres in one day. But the kicker was he drove, flew and "cruised" to them in all manner of vehicles including a new Saleen Mustang S281. Now, he also… » 5/05/06 1:10pm 5/05/06 1:10pm

Ford Shelby GT500: The One That Got Away

Dave's Rally Report #8
There was no other car I wanted to drive as badly at the rally than the Ford Shelby GT500. This was the baddest of the bad that you could take on the track (the Z06 wasn't allowed out for fear of extreme journo hoonage) and it was not seen in the staging area often because it was always on the… » 5/05/06 12:36pm 5/05/06 12:36pm

Automobile Magazine Goes All Satire And Stuff

Sure, we've lambasted their Editor-In Chief. Sure, less and less people read car mags these days. But that doesn't mean they stop trying. Heck, Automobile themselves even sent us a link to this satirical take on a review of the Bugatti Veyron by none other than Ezra Dyer. It's kind of funny with joke images of the… » 5/05/06 9:46am 5/05/06 9:46am

Road Test of the Lexus ES350 And It Has A Price

Dave's Rally Report #7
One car I wasn't able to take on the track was the new Lexus ES350. That's ok because this silent sedan is meant for the road, not the track. And the other day Lexus announced its starting price at $33,170. For those folks that don't care about driving excitement and want a luxury car for the… » 5/05/06 9:13am 5/05/06 9:13am

Jalopnik Reviews: 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, Part 2

Exterior Design *****
It's so ugly it's beautiful. It's so beautiful— no wait. Although the FJ's front end has a wonderfully butch (if kinkily Playskool) H2-meets-old-FJ-on-the-dark-side-of-town look to it, the Toy's side profile is the strangest combination of angles, textures, shapes, proportions and lines I've… » 5/04/06 12:40pm 5/04/06 12:40pm

Aston Martin DBS Officially Revealed

Like any good spy story early images of this new wedgegap between DB9 and DBR9, and James Bond whip, had been passed around the Internet long before it splashed down for real today. Dubspeed Driven has a nice gallery of the vehicle and early word that the specifics of the vehicle have still not been ascertained. It… » 5/04/06 10:48am 5/04/06 10:48am

Jaguar XK: One Hot Piece

Every journalist was ogling one car at the rally, the new Jaguar XK and XK convertible. I don't think any of the other cars were as universally appreciated as the new Jag. Sure everyone wanted to drive the Ford Shelby GT500 but the Jaguar was constantly being poked, prodded and photo'ed when it had any downtime in the… » 5/04/06 9:59am 5/04/06 9:59am

Ad Watch: Ford's Not So Bold, Bold Commercial

There's one little problem with Ford's new minute-long commercial titled "Bold Moves." What's that you ask? Oh they don't show any cars until the last few seconds is all. The rest of the commercial shows inspiring/interesting/athletic "everyday" people. We're guessing these people are bold. Therefore the cars they… » 5/03/06 11:34pm 5/03/06 11:34pm

Mini Vs. MX-5

Reverend Dave Rally Report #4
This headline is misleading. There's no reason for me to match these two vehicles other than I had the cool photo of the Mini in the sideview mirror and the fact that the two cars are routinely purchased by guys that take them to the track. Neither one would be my choice. » 5/03/06 5:59pm 5/03/06 5:59pm

M4 Roadster Scores On The Track

Reverend Dave Rally Report #3:
Since there were so many amazing vehicles at the rally you'd think it wouldn't be hard getting seat time in any car you wanted. Not so dear readers. The particularly hot cars were rarely seen in the staging area they came in and left so quickly. You had to wait like a hawk for the ones… » 5/03/06 4:58pm 5/03/06 4:58pm